WordPress Rescue for $199

This WordPress Rescue service by Badger State Web Services is designed to get your website back in working order as fast as possible. You need WordPress Rescue when

  • Website pages fail to load
  • The web site is too slow to be usable
  • Your web pages display page errors, or are visibly infected with malware.
  • Any web page results in a 50x or 40x error.

This $199 WordPress Rescue service includes

  • Fix dreaded WOD issues (White Screen of Death)
  • Scan and Remove Malware
  • Fix or remove defective plugins and themes
  • Fix .htaccess issues
  • Fix file permissions issues
  • Upgrade WordPress, plugins and themes to the latest versions.
  • Create a backup file you can use to transfer your WordPress site to another host provider.

What else you should know

With WordPress Rescue your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  If we fail to meet your expectations on any level we will promptly refund your money immediately. Many WordPress developers use free versions of themes and plugins that can’t be upgraded.  In most cases we will own a developer license that allows us to provision a license for you at very low cost. In a few cases, we will need to refer you do the developers site to buy your own license. Fixing a broken website and preventive maintenance are two different services. After fixing your site we will propose solutions that range in cost from free to $50 a month that will help prevent additional problems.

How to Get Started

When you signup online we will need the following information. Email us at sales @ badgerstateweb.com with the following.

  • Your Credit Card Number – (We will email an online invoice) Don’t put credit card in email.
  • Your hosting account access credentials.
  • Your domain access credentials.
  • Authorization to access your hosting account and domain registrar.

Alternatively, feel free to call us to walk you through the steps.

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