Local Search drives more traffic at lower cost than PPC or SEO, and the local listings rank higher the organic search!

There is a tactical difference between Local Search and Local SEO. Local Search is a Lead Generation strategy aimed at increasing foot traffic and phone calls to a physical location. Local SEO is a content strategy aimed at increasing website traffic from visitors using geo concatenated search queries to search engines.

Local Search

  • Requires a physical location or service area
  • Does not require a website
  • Focuses on citations and listing visibility
  • Replaced the Yellow Pages
  • Is a Process and Not a One-Time Effort

If you have physical locations or defined service areas, Local Search is hands down the most costs effective way to  generate web leads, phone calls and photo traffic. You don’t even have to have a website for local search, so it’s easy to get started.

Local Listings drives more traffic at lower cost than PPC or SEO, and the local listings rank higher the organic search
Badger State Web Services offers the most comprehensive local submission, verification, and optimization available. That’s because we manage your Local Listings Campaigns across multiple streams.

We recommend starting with a local listing audit. We include this in our Free evaluation of your online business presence.  So what do we do for you in our local search listing management process?

Business Listing Profile Consolidation

First, we help you find and consolidate all your existing profiles into a master file. This common-sense approach eliminates duplicates and immediately improves your local listings visibility.

Data Aggregator Submission

We submit your data directory to the major Data Aggregators who will broadcast your data to hundreds of popular websites including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, SuperPages, and many more.

Claim & Verify Local Listing Profiles

Search, Internet Yellow Pages and Directories (SID): As websites start picking up the DA listings our marketing operations team begins manually claiming and verifying your local listings.

Optimize and Mitigate

At this point there are hundreds of websites hosting your business data with your Name, Address and Phone and website address. We continuously monitor those listings looking for opportunities to optimize profiles and mitigate defects.

Location marketing is extremely data and labor intensive, but Badger State Web Services has the team, process and tools to do the job right.

Multi-location Business Owners and Franchise Organization

We have tracking tools, reporting, and campaigns built specifically to address your needs with volume discount pricing.

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