Top Tips for Your New Website Design

Top Tips for Your New Website Design

Top Tips for Your New Website Design

Deciding to redesign your website can be a big hassle.

How do you begin to design it?

And how much time do you want to spend on it?

What features do you want to be added or removed?

There’s a lot to think about when changing your website.

We have all the tips you need to do your new website design so grab a seat and let’s get started.

Why Do a New Website Design?

It’s important to create a new website design periodically.

Often a new website design will help you improve some old issues while allowing new technology and features to enhance your website.

Here’s what a new website design can do for your business.

  • Achieve Better Results: If people aren’t visiting your site, you need to figure out what isn’t working and add in what is.
  • Update Old Information: Whether that’s due to technology, product changes or the information is simply old, it may be time to make some changes.
  • Improve Content: Content is king so make sure yours is the best content possible.
  • Increase Response Rates: Is your site mobile ready? Are the backlinks working? A new website design can help you find out where your glitches are to help you increase your response time.

So here is what you can do to design a great website:

Brand Yourself

A new website design means an opportunity to brand yourself.

If you don’t already have one, create a logo for your business. Then put that logo on every piece of marketing you do.

Including your website. You want people to identify with your brand.

Link your logo back to your website.

And use that logo on every page of your website. It should be in the upper left-hand corner.

Some other ways to brand yourself and use for your new website design:

  • Use the same fonts in all your marketing
  • Use the same color scheme for all your marketing
  • Have a catch phrase or motto for your marketing

Declutter Yourself and Your Website

Too much clutter is overwhelming. And causes anxiety.

And leads people to leave your website.

So to prevent your website from turning people off you can remove:

  • Too many graphics
  • Too many photos
  • Competing calls to action

You want to keep everything on your website clear, concise and easy-to-use so make sure you:

  • Limit links and options to headers and footers
  • Keep paragraphs short – no more than 5-6 lines
  • Remove repetitive or unnecessary photography or information
  • Have clear calls to action on each page

Use Great Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

They also say people retain about 10% of the information they hear after three days. But when you add a photograph to that information, they retain 65% of the information.

Plus people are visual based. In fact, websites with photographs are viewed 94% more than websites with no photography.

And customers want to know what your products and services look like. It helps them feel far more comfortable about considering making a purchase.

Here are some things to know about using photography in your new website design:

  • Use Professional Photos: Because people can tell and they will hold it against you when you place a bad photograph on your website.
  • Google LOVES photos and so do other search engines. It will help increase your ranking in search engine results.
  • Social Media also loves photos: Helps with rankings in social media. People love images and they are far more likely to click on a website with great looking photography than they are without photos.
  • Makes a customer more likely to buy the product.

Videos & Livestream Videos

If you thought people and the internet love photos then start adding videos. By 2020 it will account for 79% of the internet’s traffic.

And live video is quickly becoming even more popular and widely viewed than regular video.

Videos allow you to boost your SEO at incredible rates.

If you have the right kind of videos on your site.

You can create lots of different videos like:

  • How-To videos: There are plenty of ways to create great content by shooting how-to videos. In fact, this type of blog or video is already hugely popular on the internet. People just love to learn.
  • Meet Our Team videos: People buy from people so showing how much your team loves what they do is a great way to influence potential buyers.
  • Introducing a New Product videos: A great way to gain excitement about an upcoming product before it’s even on the market.
  • Product Walkthroughs: Save time by explaining a process once by creating a video about it.
  • Testimonials: Testimonials and reviews are great videos to place on your website. They influence other potential buyers.
  • Create Your Own Advertising: Why pay tons of money to a pro when you can use your own cell phone and create the perfect ad?
  • Interviews: Great, especially for live videos. Find that key influencer in your market and interview them or anyone else you think your audience will enjoy hearing from.

Fonts for Readability

Remember that readers will be coming to your website using a variety of different mediums.

And some of them, like a smartphone, are small and therefore hard to read if you used the wrong font.

So find a font that works across all platforms and use it consistently.

Simplify Everything

A new website design should revolve around simplicity.

Ease-of-use is a huge factor in how long a person stays on your website.

So make it simple. Here’s what your new website design shouldn’t be:

  • Complicated
  • Difficult to read or understand
  • Hard to navigate
  • Containing broken links
  • Containing incorrect information
  • Without contact information readily available

Every Page Should Be Considered a Landing Page

Speaking of contact information, yours should be easily seen. On every page.

In fact, most people probably aren’t going to find your site and land on your homepage.

So why not make it easy for them to buy or take that first step by putting your contact information on every page?

That information should include:

  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Business Address

Including this information on every page will also increase the ability for search engine sites to pick up that information.

The more sites that have this information, the more likely you’ll be able to be found and contacted by your ideal customers.

Creating a new website doesn’t have to be costly, complicated or time-consuming when you have the right tools and the right team.

Check back often to see what new articles we’re sharing to help your business grow and thrive.

60% Are Less Likely to Buy from an SMB with a Bad Website

60% Are Less Likely to Buy from an SMB with a Bad Website

Websites have been the subject of much discussion over the years because there remains a surprising number of SMBs without websites (mostly single employee businesses) and many SMBs are unsatisfied with the performance of their website. For consumers, these websites have a big impact on their purchase decisions.

According to a new consumer survey, 60% of consumers said they would be less likely to make a purchase from an SMB that offered a poor website experience. An additional 14% said they would work with another provider.

As to the factors that result in a “bad” experience, topping the list was outdated contact information (50%), no address, directions or hours (42%) was second and not having product information (34%) followed that. Surprisingly, only 18% said a bad mobile experience would give consumers a bad impression of the business which directly contradicts various other studies.

Sample Website Mock-ups

Sample Website Mock-ups

Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses

As the Internet has grown in popularity, so too has online marketing.

Online marketing, also known as Internet or digital marketing, which involves using the ways of the Internet to promote a business. The goal of online marketing is to spread awareness about a business and its products or services via the Internet.

Internet marketing encompasses a variety of different strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), reputation management and both social media and content marketing. The majority of businesses today use at least one of these strategies to promote themselves.

Rather than doing the work on their own, many businesses turn to Internet marketing services to help set goals, design strategies and run campaigns.

Contact a web agency or marketing firm and request for a analysis or quote of your website or online presence.



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Advantages for having a Website for your company or business

Advantages for having a Website for your company or business

Make a list with all the advantages of a website for your company or business, is no easy task. I’m not saying this because it’s hard to find reasons to convince to build a website for your company, But yes, because the list does not seem to have an end. That said, I will list below, some of the main points you should consider, When you’re trying to figure out whether or not to have a site for your company:

Increases the visibility and confidence in your company

The visibility of your brand or company, and your customers ‘ trust, are essential to the success of your business. Need visibility, For more people get to know your company, and in turn, the confidence level increase. A website helps your company to gain visibility and trust as follows:

  • Generates constant advertising;
  • New customers come to you;
  • Maintains the relationship with customers.

A well constructed website, will attract new customers who might be looking for their products or services on search engines such as Google, thus increasing the visibility of your company. With a constant stream of people coming to your site, eventually, some of them become customers. In addition, a website helps maintain a good relationship with your customers, increasing the trust that they place in your company. Think a little, trust a company that has an online site, where you can visit and see what’s new, or a company without website?

Decreases the costs related to the management of your company

How much would it cost to have someone at midnight each day, by the phone of your company, to remove the doubts of its customers? Probably very much? With a website, is your company contactable at midnight each day, using a simple contact form. And the most important, can have on your site information about your company, products or services, do your clients usually ask, or that it is in their interest to know. This speeds up the process of acquiring new customers, Since the answers to the most common questions of your customers are always available, and they know that your company offers the best price and conditions!

Can serve as a sales platform

Another way to take advantage of a site, is to have your company sell products online. This eliminates the need for a physical store, or a complementary work doubles the range of your company with an online store, your company has very low maintenance costs, which means more profit. In addition, You can automate the processes of sale, Since payments, until the sending of certain products to your customer, further increasing the profit of your company.

Is a powerful marketing tool

Owning a website is in itself already a form of digital marketing, but it is also a basic tool that allows you to use many other strategies for promotion of their products and services, and attract new customers. Many companies invest large amounts of their budget on maintenance of websites, and in marketing strategies, because they understand that sooner or later, will removing the profit from this investment.


Owning a website that represents your company or business, It is not mandatory, but the benefits of having a website for your company are many. If you want to take your business to the next level, think of building a website, What will bring you more customers and more business.

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